Datasets from the paper

Description of reproduced bugs for dataset TP-33 along with the generated logs and input sequences

App Error Description
KR field(s) lost
Restart kind
Log and input sequence
Alarm Clock Plus The user sets the alarm; after restart the alarm is not set any longer mSelectedId 3 link
Alarm Klock The user changes the time of an alarm; after restart the alarm time change is gone time 2 link
AndDaaven The user navigates through a set of prayer lines. The last position is lost after restart currentOffset 3 link
Android Token Users selects an existing token for a one-time password. After restart the selection is lost mSelectedTokenId 3 link
BikeRoute A list of routes was populated. Upon restart, the current selected route is lost mOsmv 3 link
BlueNET The user turns the gateway server on. The server is turned off after restart state 3 link
Brightness Profiles Brightness level is lost after restart appBrightness 3 link
BTHF PowerSave The user changes the states of the master switch service, bluetooth module and outgoing calls. After restart, the changes are lost switchOffBTAfterCall,Ended,enabled,processOutgoingCalls 3 link
CalenMob The user sets the working date to a future date. After restart, the working date resets to current date AgendaStart 3 link
Copter GCS This app is a Ground Control Station for the arduCopter and arduPirate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The user changes a set of states in Mode Selection and Readouts, e.g., Gyro X, Accel Y, then saves them. After restart, the state changes are lost spinners,sb,temp 3 link
DateSlider The chosen date is lost after restart mTime 3 link
DiskDigger Pro The user sets the percentage to start scanning from; percentage is lost after restart long 3 link
Dock4Droid This is a home screen dock app. Users can stick their favorite apps as launcher icons in the dock and open them directly from the dock. To do so users have to go to the `settings' menu add apps to the dock. After restart the last-added app is missing from the dock name 3 link
Dr.WebAnti-virusLight The custom scan check box setting is lost after restart java.lang.String[] g 3 link
Droidstack This is a Stack Exchange client app. Upon selecting a stack exchange post, the title is not preserved after restart title 3 link
FoxFi The user enters email and serial number. After restart the entered data is lost aM, aS 2 link
KITCard Reader This is a magnetic card reader app. After restart the last-fetched balance is lost lastBalance 3 link
MiniFetion The user composes an SMS message and pauses; after resuming the message is lost mMessage 1 link
MOBILedit! PC Suite After install, if the application is allowed to connect to a local WiFi, a restart does not retain the WiFi settings protocolVersion,mAllowRemote 3 link
Motorola Camera The user switches from image mode to video mode, then stops and resumes. The camera returns to image mode again mMode 2 link
NPR News While navigating through stories, if a user selects a story, and the app restarts, the selected story was not loaded after a restart tracker 3 link
OI File Manager After selecting a file and restarting, the last-opened path is lost mPath 3 link
Open Live View This is a smart watch app. Recent changes to the connected device list are lost after restart valueList 3 link
OpenSudoku Game state (user-filled numbers) lost after restart mValue 3 link
Open WordSearch The user fills a new word and then restarts. The new word is gone. storeId 2 link
Personal Work Recorder If restarting while the app is recording a workout session, the workout start time is lost start_at 3 link
Painless Power Toggles The appearance of notification widgets is lost after restart icon,bigContentView,flags 3 link
Phone Copier After restart, the email address entered by the user is lost mEmail 3 link
Scrambled Net The game state is lost after a restart gameState 3 link
Scrollable News The user selects a color. The selection is lost after a restart. selectedPosition 2 link
ServDroid.web The user changes the status and then restarts. The new status is gone. mSettings 2 link
Souvey Musical Pro This is a musical toolkit including instruments (piano, drums, autoharp), tools (metronome, pitch pipe) and a game. The user changes the settings of Metronome and then stops the app. After resuming, the changes are lost. bpm,beats,notes 2 link
SpeakerProximity donate The app automatically turns the speaker phone on and off based on input from the proximity sensor. After restart the sound settings are lost value2 3 link
SSH Tunnel SSH connection profile (local and remote port numbers, server addresses) is lost upon restart localPort,remotePort,hostIp 3 link
Symantec Norton Snap User turns on the flashlight, then stops the app; after resuming the app, flashlight is off boolean d
2 link
VPN Connections The user changes IPSec ID, but the ID lost upon restart ipSecId 3 link
Zirco Browser Bookmark lost after restart mDbHelper 3 link