Versatile yet Lightweight Record-and-replay for Android


VALERA is a lightweighted record and replay framework for Android. Achieving effective record-and-replay is a balancing act between accuracy and overhead. On smartphones, the act is particularly complicated, because smartphone apps receive a high-bandwidth stream of input (e.g., network, GPS, camera, microphone, touchscreen) and concurrency events, but the stream has to be recorded and replayed with minimal overhead, to avoid interfering with app execution.

Prior record-and-replay approaches have focused on replaying machine instructions or system calls, which is not a good fit on smartphones. We propose a novel, stream-oriented record-and-replay approach which achieves high-accuracy and low-overhead by aiming at a sweet spot: recording and replaying sensor and net- work input, event schedules, and inter-app communication via intents.

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UC Riverside
Yongjian Hu (contact me for technical issues)
Tanzirul Azim
Iulian Neamtiu